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Welcome to the UP Club Community, an innovative project by UP Club, one of the leading Brazilian electronic music record labels, determined to cultivate melodic sound in Brazil and become a beacon for the genre. Our mission is to unite Brazilian house and melodic techno artists, forming a solid collective between DJs and producers, a community that is still growing in Brazil.

The notable absence of a cohesive group of melodic artists in the country, both in the underground and mainstream scenes, inspired us to create the UP Club Community. Led by Angelo, our community seeks to fill this gap and promote the personal growth of its members, encouraging a sense of unity and teamwork.

The UP Club Community is a home for emerging talents such as Blancah, Benicci, Bigfett, Carmee, Copini, Doksu, Empire of Mind, Fuscarini, Gaba, ID ID, Nihanna, Ortus, Pacs, Urannia, and ZAC. All these artists, now internationally recognized and with tracks played by big names in the melodic scene, share a common passion for electronic music.

Our vision extends beyond music creation, encompassing live performances and showcases from UP Club, record releases under our label (including compilations), artistic collaborations, demo sharing, promotion, and mutual support.

We are always looking for new talents and artists who share our purpose and want to collaborate and evolve with us.

UP Club, founded in 2011 by Alok and today led by Bhaskar, Gaba, Cintra, Batista, and Francisco, started as a stage for house and techno at the iconic Universo Paralello festival, which originally focused on trance and psytrance. Over the years, UP Club has solidified itself as one of the main and most respected labels of the genre in Brazilian territory, evolving into itinerant events and a renowned record label.

With the formation of the UP Club Community, our goal is to boost melodic electronic music in Brazil to new heights, foster collaboration among talented artists, and consolidate UP Club as an icon of global electronic music. Join us on this exciting and transformative journey!

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